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The Greensboro Kaos is a minority owned and operated professional women's basketball organization located in the Piedmont Triad. Beginning as early as youth sports, women’s sports have been marginalization with limited access to leagues, funds, and front office representation. Greensboro Kaos is an organization dedicated to creating avenues for young girls and women to excel and develop through sport. 


The Greensboro Kaos wants to become one of the many threads in the fabric of the Greensboro community. Through our work and contribution, we aim to encourage, empower and inspire female athletes on and off the court.


We believe in an uplifting, genuine and family atmosphere where everyone feels like a champion. Greensboro Kaos wants to create opportunities for female athletes to develop in the profession, to promote healthy active lifestyles and to continually support community initiatives aimed at the advancement of females in sports.

How did Kaos get its name?

There is something unexplained, overwhelming, and powerful about the chaos of a storm or an explosion. We want this team to be something you cannot explain, a force that overwhelms you, and it's strength you can feel. We want to be the Kaos of an explosive storm on the basketball court. 

About  the Kaos

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